The Education

The purpose is to give the student qualifications in the field of garment design, thus making them fit for employment within same.

The Education will give the students the necessary esthetic, technical and analytical capacities required.

Furthermore, as an advanced educational institution, The Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design is assigned to further the development of garment design.


We teach the following artistic subjects;

  • Designproces
  • Moodboards
  • Aesthetic
  • Illustration-technique
  • Fashion-history
  • Silhouette-research
  • Print-design
  • Presentation
  • Portfolio
  • Styling
  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/In-design

Your projects are built around specific techniques. For example, during the Print-project you develop your own prints, choose method of production and build your collection around them in collaboration with the design-teacher.

We teach the following technical subjects;

  • Patternmaking
  • Technical flats
  • Construction
  • Line-sheet
  • Size-grading
  • Draping
  • Sewing
  • Textiles

You will make patterns in standard- and after own measurements. The patterns in own measurements are made and fitted. This gives a usefull insight in draping and fitting on a live body. We will train your sewing-skills when making toiles and finer techniques used in the real fabrics used during the project-periods.

Fashion-illustrations, Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design
Designproces. The Academy of Fashion Design Copenhagen

1st. year / Basic

You are taught the basic principles in drawing, illustration and technical flats, concept- and moodboard development, patternmaking, sewing, dartmanipulation and draping. The fiber & textile-module, where you weave samples is also here during the 1st. year. You will make individual design-projects, thus gaining routine in layouting and presentation-technique.

Our current students says: "It is something new to work so intensely on something. Our teachers are always providing new techniques, so you need to want to learn to sew and focus on the craftmanship" 


Designtalent. Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design

2nd. year / Advanced

You have now gained routine in the basic techniques and is ready for more advanced techniques in the different disciplines. You are given assignments familiarising you with, among other, mens-wear. You always have the opportunity to work from your own originality, talent and style through-out your projects, as you will make create the personal portfolio, you will need after graduating. With team-projects and guidance to jobhunting, we prepare you for the time after graduation. This year you are required to hand in 2 designprojects, before starting the exam which concludes in front of two external censors from the business.


Color-chart in the making. The Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design

All you need to know

The program takes 2 years, the equivalent of 120 ECTS-points. (European Credit Transfer Scale) You will be taught the principles of working focused with garment-design on both the technical and aesthetical level. You develop your kreative capacities, gaining routine in the hollistic designproces and development of both concept and collection. As something unique we work will full collections and you will get used to creating full collections with presentation-portfolios. This makes you work for a longer period with the techniques, giving you more insight.

We visit relevant companies and guest-lectureres from collaborating partners makes sure that you are prepared for the business and its requirements.

The program is taught in English and Danish and you have great personal influence on the program nd what you want to specialize in. It is important for us, that you experince personal development. Therefore we teach differentiated based on individual needs.

Start of term is twice yearly, February and August. Find out more about applying.

The year runs from August till June & February till January. Besides that classes and Masterclasses are offered throughout the year.

You are graded after the Danish Grade System. Your Diploma is in English and your grades are listed after the Danish and European scale. (ECTS) Which makes your papers transparent and transferable worldwide.


You need to bring your own tools and materials for your projects; a  laptop, scissors, pins and soforth. We work with the Adobe Software, with your studentcard you can get discount at Adobe. WIFI is ofcourse avaliable.

Classes are taught Monday to Friday from 0900-1430hrs and the Academy is open from 0830-1500hrs.