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You are

creative and want an international Education, which prepares you for the fashion-industry & where you become familiar with all dimensions within Fashion and Design - and it is important for you to know the craftmanship behind in order to engage all the aspects of your creativity.

You already have a passion for fashion and a clear Vision of why you want to educate yourself in this field. You valuate a high level of craftmanship, so that you can make your mark either during internships or after your Education has ended.

We are

an internationally recognised educational institution and naturally our program is taught in Danish and English. You are surrounded by many nationalities, so from the 1st. Day you are connectiong to a network which spans the Globe.

Click your way to a non-comitting interview where you can find answers to your questions, meet the students and our amazing Studio, where we collaborate across the 2 years.


Admission August 2024

Admission in full swing.

Will you be signing up for the demanding 2-year program to become a fashion-designer? If you have any questions which you do not find answered on our webpage, please contact us directly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Summer Academy 2024

Do you want to try demands of the Fashion Business and the different disciplines we teach here in preparing aspiring fashiondesigners for their upcoming careers?

If you are looking to apply at a Fashion School or just want a super-creative course, the Summer Academy will give you all this.

Learn more about the Summer Academy here