The Academy practices rolling admission for the twice yearly intakes in February and August. Below you can read more about the formal requirements for seeking admission.


1. Succesfully passed 12 years of formal schooling (or equivalent in working experience.)

2. Each applicant must submit creative material for evaluation. Alternatively the Academy will give an assignment.

3. The applicant must attend an admission-interview med the management. If the applicant is foreign, this inter view will be conducted over the phone or via Skype.

On the basis of the submitted material and the interview, the Academy will then decide if the applicant is admitted or not.


The tuition-fee is currently DKK 160.000,- for the 2 years. Payment-plan covers 24 months and are paid in 4 installments of DKK 25.000,- and 4 installments of DKK 15.000,- Every installment covers 3 months and is paid quarterly in advance.

Upon admission a deposit of DKK 8000 is required. The deposit will be deducted from the 1st. installment.

For all other conditions we revert to the agreement, which will be signed upon admission.


The Academy is approved by the Danish State and our students are eligible for SU. Besides the regular SU, an additional grant will be given to help cover the tuition-fee. International students must fulfill certain terms before becomming eligible. We recommend that you study thoroughly the information given by following the link below.

Information on State Grants in Denmark

Are you considering applying for admission, please use the application below. For all other request, please contact the Academy.


February 2024
August 2024