Welcome to the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion and Design, here we offer an advanced internationally

recognised full-time course in fashion and design.

The course takes 2 years and upon completion a total of 120 ECTS-points is granted.

Copenhagen Academy of Fashion and Design has successfully, since 1983, educated new fashion designers.

Many of our graduates are currently employed in the fashion industry in clothing-, footwear- and

accessorie-design. Others work as costume-designers for film, theater or television, and some have

chosen to start their own brands/businesses with sales and production both at home and abroad.



A good designer must be able to


  • work innovatively
  • be experimental
  • cooperate with creative teams / production
  • be creative and search for inspiration
  • know all the aspects of the craftmanship.




As a student from the Nordic countries and Denmark, you are entitled to receive the educational

 support from the respective countries. State Education Support (SU) for Denmark.

Swedish students (CSN) Norwegian students (Loan Fund) Icelandic students (LIN).

Would you like to work with clothing, fashion and design, then contact us and learn

about the options for getting an education that you can use both in Denmark and abroad.








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Annual Guilds Prensentation

Once Again we will be represented by a gifted student at the annual Guilds Presentation.

Our criteria for the choice is a high level of craftmanship and esthetic sense.

Tickets for the two presentations are available here

The 3.30 pm. Presentation

The 6 pm Presentation (VIP)

Young Academy Fashion

Once Again we collaborate with schools around Copenhagen on a

fashion-programme for gifted and ambitious youths. During Autumn

and Spring they will get to know the different aspects of the industry

and we will conclude with a Fashion Show, where they show their own creations. 

Read more about Young Academy Fashion and follow the Progress on Facebook

Danish Fashion Institute

We are now a member of the Danish Fashion Institute.

Read more about the Institute here

Admissions for February 2015

We have now opened for admission to the course starting

on the 2nd. of February 2015

Read more about admission here